The Earth Assistance Foundation is an international fellowship of individuals who work together so ‘That we may do Good’.

Established in Australia as a private foundation in 1978, the foundation worked to support environment protection, social support, water harvesting and agricultural projects in South East Asia and incorporated the Association for Research and Environment Aid as its public body.

In 2002 the foundation began to explore and implement means to assist with African development and The Earth Assistance Foundation was incorporated in Tanzania as a Company Limited by Guarantee (not for profit) in February 2007.

The Foundation has three divisions through which it manages its projects.

Adopt a School assists with all aspects of the development and operation of community schools which are joint ventures between a village community and the National Government. It provides school infrastructure, equipment, teaching materials, teacher education and capacity building. It is also involved with advocacy towards school development. For example the introduction of Information Technology into the school curriculum and the reintroduction of competitive sports into Tanzanian schools . Adopt a School provides means for the professional development of teachers; support for assistant teachers and scholarships for teachers seeking to advance themselves in their profession.

Water for Peace seeks to ameliorate conflict over water by the provision of water for domestic and agricultural use. It has developed low cost means for the collection and storage of rainwater for village houses and works with Adopt a School to provide water for Schools. Water for Peace is a repository of expertise in dryland agriculture. In particular the Australian innovations of Permaculture and Keyline Development.

Bega kwa Bega (Kiswahili: shoulder to shoulder) undertakes works that are not within the scope of the previous two divisions. These works include microfinance and all forms of humanitarian assistance.

The Foundation is able to do all ‘good work’ and works in partnership with individuals and core-groups on all continents. In Australia The Earth Assistance Association coordinates the work of the Foundation in that country and links with partners in other countries. Partners may choose their own projects and seek the support of the Foundation with their implementation.

The work of The Earth Assistance Foundation is highly personalized. All partners are integral to the project with which they choose to be involved. All partners contribute to policy and management.

In all works the Foundation seeks to implement worlds best practice. All accounts and documents are open to public scrutiny.

The Foundation has no political or religious affiliations and will partner with anyone who is motivated so That we may do Good.